Ram Avatar Character Bust
Bradley morgan johnson sculpt wip 1 insta

sculpt wip 01

Bradley morgan johnson 2 avatar urntable bpr render bradmj

Bust for print

Bradley morgan johnson 3 avatar assemblybpr render

print parts for 1st test print

Bradley morgan johnson ram wip paint over 8th aug lo res

Character development sketch over, tbc...

Bradley morgan johnson ram av wip 7thaug side

Sculpt wip02

Bradley morgan johnson ram concept sk sheet 1 lo res

Initial character direction from reference study

Bradley morgan johnson p bday 17 sk bk line wrk3

Digital Reference studies

Ram Avatar Character Bust

Personal character practice for the pinshape avatar challenge. Taking a character from initial 2D sketch studies through to 3D printable digital sculpt bust. Planning on expanding to a full figure and accessories as and when I can.

Link to wip print on pinshape: https://pinshape.com/items/38333-3d-printed-ram-avatar-bradmj

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